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We are thrilled to announce that "BETWEEN HELL & A HARD PLACE" is the proud winner of the BEST SHORT FILM award at it's world premiere at last weekend's MonsterCon film festival! Click here for more info, news & screening opporunities...

The HPJ Trilogy IS NOW available on DVD and it's the perfect gift for the sinner, or saint, in your life! SAVE YOUR SOUL... BUY THE DVD!

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Mad Ones Films filler Don't miss Act III of The Gospel According to Booze, Bullets & Hot Pink Jesus - Have Faith, Will Travel!  Check out for more details!
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What happens when the inmates start running the cinematic asylum?  Find out with Mad Ones Films!
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Mad Ones Films filler With only 41 days left till Christmas, what better gift to get for the saint or sinner in your life than their very own WWHPJD? bracelet!  Act now and take advantage of our ONLINE DEVIL'S DEAL - 2 bracelets AND a free sticker, all for only $6.66!!! Mad Ones Films filler Now Playing: The Wild West Wooing of One Sam Elliott      The Wooing of Sam Elliott
Alright Sam Elliott, we're going to level with you... Hot Pink Jesus loves you, this you know, for his Gospel tells you so. Now won't you love him back and help bring the silver screen second coming of the final act of his Gospel to the masses so that the world may know cinematic salvation? Act II - A Saint of Sin in a Den of Thieves has commenced principal photography and Jesus needs you Sam to spread the Gospel to film festivals and conventions worldwide!

We're the inmates running the cinematic asylum Sam... we tell stories that'll serenade your brain, and ride off into the sunset with your heart, and we need your help! Won't you help us save Jesus?!?


(*Mad Ones Films doesn't technically, actually, guarantee that your soul will be saved per se but c'mon... every little bit helps, right?)

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